1:1 Live Video Course

You will learn the base skills you need for a 3 & 5 card reading. We will discuss the ways Tarot can teach us about life. To know ourselves, and lead us toward spiritual growth. There will be a base explanation of each card, and the suits (categories) they belong in. And lastly, how they work together to create a story. I’ve designed this course as a simple way to jump into the world of tarot. So bring your intuition, an open mind, and a curious heart.


Session 1

Tarot Philosophy

Breaking The Deck Into Suits

Pentacles – Ace to King


Session 2

Wands – Ace to King

Swords – Ace to King

Cups – Ace to King


Session 3

The Major Arcana

Learning To Use a Simple Card Spread


REQUIRED SUPPLIES: Tarot deck of choice (simple is best), notepad, pen


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Pay Per Session

Share Class: 2 Students

$800 each
Paid in Full

$300 each
Pay Per Session

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