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Mischel Peterson is a spiritual coach and tarot card expert trained in hand analysis with over a decade of experience. A native of Los Angeles and a Landmark graduate, Mischel has provided guidance and clarity to many influential clients including high-level executives, professionals, and Hollywood celebrities.

Unlike other readers, Mischel’s readings are focused on the NOW. She does not make predictions but has the ability to identify your true self. Mischel brings a unique perspective to the obstacles you may face and ultimately guide you to make better choices and live a more authentic life.

Outside of doing readings with private clients and working her station at Petit Ermitage in West Hollywood, Mischel resides in the South Bay and enjoys cooking, entertaining, travel, and unlocking the mysteries of belief and behavior

I am a Los Angeles native and have lived here my whole life. Only here, could I have had access to my many passions and wacky experiences. My parents separated when I was 3 years-old. My father moved to Israel when I was 5. So, I was raised by a single mom & family. My maternal Great-Grandfather and my Grandfather started a herb tea company in the early 60’s. Most of my family eventually worked there. We were a big part of the early beginnings of the Health Food industry. I have lots of crazy stories of the original company owners, and the people who came to all the conventions. This experience has played a major role in my life. Especially how I look the food & drug industry. My Mom was also a painter. So, I grew up surrounded by art. My Grandmother was a singer-chorus girl in the early days of movies. They both came to all my teenage fashion shows. Myself, and 2 of my friends, worked as staff models for May Company (Macy’s predecessor) I learned a passion for fashion, and that I loved being on stage!

Dance has always been one of my main passions. I worked as a go-go dancer throughout the 80’s at many of LA’s hottest nightclubs. This brought me my first taste of self-expression, with the high of performance. It also opened many doors and expanded my social circle. Dancing alongside Brett Michaels of Poison is one of favorite claims to fame. My love of expression brought me to acting. I studied acting at Playhouse West for 3 years. And summited a short film to their annual film festival. Which I co-wrote, co-produced, and co-starred. This experience taught me that I’m capable of completing a project, even if I have no experience or frame of reference.

I am a Landmark graduate and completed many seminars. I give Landmark credit for opening my perspective on life, and reality. And teaching me acceptance. I consider myself a spiritual being, and I do not practice any specific religion. However, I am 1/2 Jewish. And do have a special connection to the history, and traditions. I believe all spiritual practices have something important to teach us. With that said, I’m not a lover of rules or superstitions. I don’t believe that certain habits, or beliefs, make me a better person. I believe that you need to do what’s right for you, and your own personal integrity. To trust yourself is everything! You could say that I’m really magical, in a practical sort of way. I don’t fit the typical “Tarot reader – spiritual teacher” stereotype. I’m not “woo woo” in my speaking, I eat meat, and I don’t do yoga. My spiritual practice changes with my moods. If I do ME, then I’m honoring the way I was created.

Being a Spiritual Coach has brought me to my truest form of self-expression. It takes all my past experiences and gives them have purpose. Every joy, and accomplishment. All the pain, failures, and lessons. It all adds up to the wisdom, and compassion that I use daily. My life is my skill set. I’m in “The Zone” when I’m doing a reading. Even my speech tone changes. I let go of my ego and become your advocate. It’s an energy high like I’ve never experienced before. It’s how I know I’m in alignment with my higher self. I’ve had many teachers, in many forms, and I love and respect them all. I was privately taught Tarot by my beautiful friend Deborah. I learned hand analysis in small group form from certified level 2 instructors trained through International Institute of Hand Analysis. Above all, it’s my innate skill for listening, and sensing the truth, that I rely on the most. I’ve nicked named it my “Integrity Meter”. I feel if something/someone is a fit to the commitment, or not.  My friends call me “The Translator”. My intention is to “translate” your circumstances, in a way that you can understand, to bring a new perspective to any issue. When you can see your options, aliveness returns. It takes you from victim to creator. Then what you WANT is clear, and possible.


My readings are a unique blend of 3 parts



Hand analysis is based on your brain energy and shows the direction the energy moves. This lets me know your thinking process, and how much time you spend thinking. It also tells me about your emotional needs, and how you go about getting your needs met. It is a road map of your behavioral patterns and life views. This information can help you shift your perspective about yourself, and life. I can show you how to make better choices, so you get what you want faster! It does not tell me when you are going to die, or if, and when you will have children.



My Tarot readings are always about “now”. It should direct your focus, and show you what’s available,  what results are “doable”, and which actions serve you best. I always tell people “I’m not a fortune teller, but I will tell you how to get your fortune”. I believe that we have “free will”.  Therefore, your future has many possibles. Your choices and your point of view determine your results. My intention is to give you clarity and courage. That you see an opening for action somewhere that allows you to access another level of results.



I refer to it as my “special soup”.

My intuition is what guides me through your perspective of life, how you see yourself, and what you “think” is possible. I listen straight through to your higher self.  It’s my job to challenge these old beliefs and habits that no longer serve you. To show you a way to transform habits, and passions into a skill. When you can accept and allow all that has happened, and all that you are, your actions will start to align with your purpose. See what’s possible when you start believing in yourself.



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